ST Suspension

ST: An American Tuning Classic

The ST brand originated in California in the early 1980s under the name Suspension Techniques. Soon, thanks to the combination of modern technology and high-quality materials, it gained a large market share in the American tuning market. The brand enjoys great popularity in America and beyond today, and that is partly due to the acquisition in 2005 by the German company KW Automotive. In the Netherlands, the products were sold in the first years under the name "Weitec" and later "Weitec made by KW".
Thanks to a new range of products (such as the ST Coilover kit program based on KW Variant 1 Coilover kit) and the use of KW's technological knowledge and experience, ST Suspensions currently has a range of suspensions for a wide variety of applications and a worldwide fan base that swears by the products of this brand.

The ST Sport Suspension

A series of products aimed at significantly improving the driving dynamics of your vehicle without having to compromise on driving comfort. The ST Sport suspension uses so-called twin-tube dampers with a fixed damping and an adjusted rebound / spring ratio to offer a much sportier driving experience.
Depending on the make and model, the ST kits can lower your vehicle between 20 and 60 mm. The springs and dampers of the ST kits are perfectly matched to each other and the preset damping is not only adapted to the vehicle but also to the desired reduction. They are all tested according to strict German TÜV standards and can be used in total on more than 30 brands.

The ST X Coilover suspension

Are you going to lower? ST offers everything you need, no matter how extreme you want to go. They are based on the technology of KW Automotive, a guarantee for maximum quality and fantastic driving dynamics. They also allow you to adjust everything very conveniently after installation via the polyamide ring on a galvanized, repeatedly sealed, strut. By default you can expect a 35 to 65 mm reduction on both the front and rear axles.
In this way you can significantly reduce the body roll of your car during compression and thus obtain a very sporty steering. The car will also become more agile at higher speeds. The ST suspensions are specially designed with the least possible friction and a housing that can withstand high pressure next to a chrome-plated piston rod, all so that you get a suspension that is made to last.

The Benefits of ST Technology

  • Excellent performance, a good balance between performance and comfort
  • Very durable quality materials
  • Twin-tube technology, which ensures independent response of the damping input, minimizes chassis vibrations and improves driving dynamics
  • Coilover kits are supplied with all necessary parts, a suitable certificate for each type of vehicle and installation instructions

Do you want to know which ST Suspension products are available for your car? You can easily find all products that are suitable for your car via the car filter in our ST Suspension Shop. If you cannot find a solution despite the well-arranged shop or if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us directly at or via our telephone number 0228-760008. 

The ST Suspension product range:

ST Suspension Lowering Springs


Lowering springs from ST Suspensions: sporty springs for sporty people

They are proud of it, there at ST Suspensions on the ST sports springs. And that is not without reason, because the sports springs from ST are excellent springs made of silicon-chromium steel. With these lowering springs you can achieve a reduction of approximately 20 mm on the front axle and approximately 15 mm on the rear axle. In addition, the manufacturer claims a reduction of up to 60 mm for some vehicles. They now have products in stock for more than 1000 cars, so there is a good chance that your car will also be among them. With the improved driving behavior and the cool looks this is an absolute winner.


ST Suspension Lowering Springs + Sport Shock Absorbers

Top lowering springs in combination with ST-Sport shock absorbers

As you may know, ST Suspension's lowering springs are really top class. They are made of silicon-chromium steel and lower your car to approximately 20 mm on the front axle and approximately 15 mm on the rear axle. With some cars, a reduction of 60 mm is even possible. However, this is not the only thing ST Suspensions has to offer. Their sports shock absorbers are meant to complete the picture. With this combination you improve the driving dynamics of your car, which will positively influence the driving behavior and feeling. These dampers are made with 'heat-resistant dampers with a double tube and fixed damping properties' (source: ST Suspensions). ST ensures maximum service life through the use of high-quality materials. But the most important thing for you is that your car will drive like no other.

ST Coilover Kit X

ST Coilover Kit X: German quality

The Coilover kit X is produced by the parent company of ST Suspensions. The German KW automotive uses its expertise and knowledge to deliver a product that can rely on excellent quality and a fantastic driving experience. This is a complete system with adjustable spring plate, racing suspension system and bumper with dust protection. The ST X Coilover kits ensure sporty handling thanks to 'fewer rolling movements during compression and better maneuverability at high speeds' (source: ST Suspensions). For you as a user, this means above all that your car is well on the road, whatever the weather. Of course, we no longer have to say that KW and ST use only the best components. Because of the long lifespan of their products, you can therefore go a little further.

ST Coilover Kit XA

ST Coilover Kit XA: Sporty, adaptable and complete

A sporty look, individual adaptation of the damping and the latest technologies? The XA Coilover kit from ST Suspensions has all that. This Coilover kit uses the KW damping technology from parent company KW automotive. This allows you to adjust the suspension to the driving conditions by making it stiffer or more flexible. The XA Coilover kit is based on a double tube: low friction is combined with a pressure-resistant damper housing. You can choose whether your car should be more stable or comfortable. The Coilover kit XA is therefore ideal for drivers who want a sporty car, but at the same time want to be able to switch to a comfortable driving experience.

ST Coilover Kit XTA

ST Coilover kit XTA: One step further

The most advanced product from the Coilover kit series from ST Suspensions is the Coilover kit XTA. This class product combines all the good things of the X and XA series, and adds an extra sauce. In this way you can once again enjoy the high-quality KW damper technology. This allows you to adjust your suspension to the driving conditions and your own wishes. ST Suspensions also adds adjustable uniball support bearings where possible. These are made of aluminum and support the dampers in adjusting the wheel flight and the follow-up. Are you mainly looking for the very best and is only the most advanced sufficient for your car? Then look no further, because the Coilover kit XTA has it all.

ST Performance Stabilizers

ST Performance Stabilizers from ST Suspensions

The stabilizers from ST Suspensions are made from high-quality spring steel and are finished with powder coating. Stabilizers connect front wheels or rear wheels with each other by using a steel torsion spring. This ensures greater stiffness and fewer rolling movements. By reducing the load difference between the inner and outer wheels, the steering behavior becomes more direct and you can drive in a sportier and more agile way. This improves the balance and handling.



Spacers for improved driving dynamics

Track extenders from ST Suspension come in different versions, namely A1, A2, D1-D3 and DZ. These track wideners are made of aluminum for maximum strength and lightness and ensure wider wheels. This gives your car a sportier look and improves the driving dynamics of your car. By black anodizing, ST Suspensions provides a track widener with perfect corrosion resistance. Which version you choose depends on your car and your own wishes. An overview can be found below:

ST Suspension Spacers Version A1


Version A1

Bolt version for vehicles with wheel bolts. Expansors are mounted on the wheel hub with the supplied bolts. The wheel is then mounted on the widener with the original wheel bolts.


ST Suspension Spacers version A2

Version A2

Bolt version for vehicles with threaded wheel bolts. For vehicles with threaded wheel bolts, ST uses track spacers with depressed threaded bolts. The wideners are mounted on the wheel hub of the vehicle with the supplied nuts. The rim is then mounted on the widener with the original wheel nuts of the car.

ST Suspension Spacers version D1

Version D1

Hole system with bolt circle holes and center holes. This track widener is installed centrally in the center hole and fits perfectly on the wheel hub of the vehicle.

ST Suspension Spacers version D2

Version D2

Hole system with bolt circle holes and double centering. Has a center hole on the wheel hub and an extra centering edge on the track widener itself, so that it fits perfectly.

ST Suspension Spacers version D3

Version D3

Hole system with bolt circle holes and double centering. A chassis on the wheel hub and an extra centering edge on the track spreader itself ensure that it fits perfectly. Longer pin bolts are supplied with this set.

ST Suspension Spacers version DZ

Version DZ

Hole system with centering edge. This system is specifically used for vehicles that have wheel centering problems. After installation, the length of the wheel hub can be increased, so that the rim is perfectly centered. Instead of centering on the track widener, the center of the wheel hub for the axle is enlarged and larger track wideners can be mounted.

ST Suspension Spring distance sets

Spring distance sets: long lasting effect

It is clear that ST Suspensions has a large collection of top products. Spring distance sets for your car should not be missing. With the ST Suspensions spring spacer set you can increase the space above your wheels or the ground clearance. You can also balance your car. You can lift a vehicle separately by adding a spacer between the original springs. Is your car too low on the rear axle after installing lowering springs? Then you can lift it up with the ST Suspensions spring spacer set. This product is made in Germany and will last for a long time due to the high-quality components.


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