Remus Exhaust installed on a BMW F48 M4

Remus: World leader in High Performance Sport Exhausts!

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Remus - Performance Sport Exhausts

Remus is the world leader in sports exhausts. High-quality sports exhaust systems have been produced at Remus for more than two decades. In addition, Remus also produces OEM components and complete exhaust systems for many well-known vehicle manufacturers. The Remus Research and Development center offers extensive possibilities in the development of Performance Sport Exhaust Systems. In addition to the mechanical and thermal design and performance optimization. Creating the well-known Remus sound is one of the most important criteria when developing and producing the sports exhausts. Remus is active in various racing disciplines, including DTM and the 24h Race of NBR or as a partner of Lucas Auer in the Castrol Toyota Racing Series. This experience contributes to the product development and technology transfer from the race track to the street. The combination of high-quality raw materials, modern processing, special process technologies and highly qualified employees results in first-class products with a perfect shape and fit.

Remus Catback System – Pure Power and Perfect Sound

The Remus Catback System is specially designed for the most sporty oriented riders. The significant reduction in back pressure provides a noticeable increase in power and torque, allowing the engine to run more freely than before. In addition, the Catback System guarantees the deepest sound ever created by Remus. The Catback System is made of 100% stainless steel. The technical experience gained within the many racing disciplines is directly translated into the production process and, in combination with the Remus quality assurance, results in an absolutely top product. It goes without saying that all Catback systems are supplied with EC approval.

Remus Sound Control

With the Remus Sound Control, the response of the valve(s) can be individually adjusted using a valve controlled Remus Sport exhaust system. This allows the driver to adjust the sound of the exhaust. This not only releases the deep and characteristic Remus sound, but there is also noticeable gains in torque and power. The valves can be adjusted using the REMUS Electronic Sound Control (remote control) or the Remus Sound Control App.

Electronic Sound Control

The Electronic Sound Control from Remus allows drivers to adjust the sound of their sports exhaust through the valve(s) operated by remote control. There are four pre-programmed valve positions that allow you to adjust the sound between “fully closed” and “fully open”, along with 10% or 50% open positions. When the valve(s) are fully open. The characteristic Remus sound is released, but there is also noticeable gain in torque and power!

Sound Control App

With the Remus Sound Control App, the position of the valve(s) can be individually adjusted in combination with OBD2-compatible valve controlled Remus Sport exhaust system. The communication between an Android or IOS smartphone and the sophisticated REMUS Sound Control electronics is via a Bluetooth connection. After a basic calibration, which also takes maximum RPM into account, it is possible to operate the valve (s) in either manual or automatic mode.

Manual mode

Regardless of the engine speed, the position of the valve can be defined and adjusted with four buttons. The position of the valve, which is applied when the respective button is pressed, can be individually adjusted from closed to 100% open.

Automatic mode

In automatic mode it is possible to divide the entire speed range into three separate segments. The lower and upper limits of each RPM segment (revolutions per minute) are user-definable and adjustable. In addition, the position of the valve(s) within the selected speed segment can be adjusted from closed to 100% open. In automatic mode, the position of the valve(s) is automatically controlled by the three predefined speed segments.

Remus Sound Control App - Powerizer: More Power, More Economy and More Fun!

Remus Powerizer – More Power, More Economy and More Fun!

The Remus Powerizer improves the engine management parameter in real time. The engine mapping has been optimized more than 1000 times per second and provides a significant and noticeable increase in power. The parameters and management of the motor safety remain completely original. In this way, individual engine parts are not overloaded. The original map software also remains unaffected. Due to the plug & play concept, the Powerizer is easy to install and can also be easily removed or taken out of use with the supplied blind connector. Due to the torque increase, the engine has more power at a lower speed. Which leads to lower fuel consumption. The power increase of the engine can be adapted to different driving styles through a "maximum power setting", "eco-fuel saving mode" or a combination of both. The Remus Powerizer is available for more than 3000 petrol and diesel cars.

Features of the Remus Powerizer:

  • Up to 25% more power
  • Up to 20% more torque
  • Easy installation and removal (Plug & Play)
  • Up to 1L / 100km fuel saving
  • Three preset programs (Race / Sport / Eco) with individual power adjustment

Remus Responder – Improves Throttle Response, More Dynamic

With the Remus Responder, throttle response improves by changing the throttle output. As a result, there is no more delay with the throttle and less delay during the automatic shifting, making driving even more fun and sporty. The responder is mounted between the OEM pedal sensor and the OEM connector. Thanks to the plug & play technology, this is ready in seconds. The four advanced customizable performance settings can lead to improved and more efficient fuel consumption. The performance settings can be adjusted to the driver's own preferences. The Remus Responder completely eliminates the delay in modern electronic accelerators.

Features of the Remus Responder:

  • Improved throttle response, reduced lag during gear changes
  • Quicker reaction times, more dynamic without changing engine parameters
  • Four individual user selectable and adjustable performance settings
  • Vehicle specific programming using OEM quality connectors
  • Simple plug & play installation and easily removed without leaving traces

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