KW Suspension

Springs and Suspension for the Real Winners

The German company KW has grown in a few decades into a global player in the field of products for car tuning. With a wide variety of suspension systems for sports cars, from suspension to coil-set suspension in its so-called "stainless steel line", KW Automotive offers a suitable solution for every need. KW is therefore the favorite brand of countless racing teams worldwide and of proud car owners who want to personalize their car.

Three variants in screw suspension

The "stainless steel line" screw sets from KW come in three different variants.
The V1 is the most suitable for the novice tuner who wants to combine more driving pleasure with an individually adjustable reduction.
Drivers who would like to go a step further should opt for Variant 2. In addition to the top quality and durability of stainless steel struts and the rust-resistant parts, these also offer the possibility to adjust the shock absorbers to your own wishes. In most cases with 16 "clicks".
VAfter all, for the real pros there is Variant 3, not just a sporty reduction and a great steering experience on all road types, but the professional quality that KW also supplies to racing teams worldwide. They can be adjusted individually with regard to compression and rebound damping. (incoming and outgoing stroke).

Electronic Control with KW DDC & DDC ECU

Make your suspension sportier or more comfortable at the click of a button? This is possible with the electronic damper control from KW, the DDC or DDC ECU. They are available in two variants as a Plug & Play solution or via an external button in the dashboard or as a DDC ECU or as a new built-in option with a new button or via an app for iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Every KW coilover set is made in Germany. During the production process they are extensively tested and checked whether they meet the highest quality requirements. The KW DDC ECU screw mounts with App control are currently available for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen and Range Rover.

KW in height adjustable springs

The height-adjustable spring kits from KW are a good alternative to traditional springs. You are no longer dependent on a permanent reduction because you can adjust the height again after installing the kit.
After installation you get a more dynamic look for your car but also a more agile steering experience and a better response from the standard dampers. You are also no longer dependent on the chosen reduction during installation. For example, with the KW kit for the Audi S5 you can lower your car from 5-35 mm and this in a very simple way with only replacing the springs, the original shock absorbers are retained.

Do you want to know which KW products are available for your car? You can easily find all products that are suitable for your car via the car finder in our KW Suspension Shop. If you cannot find a solution despite the well-arranged KW Suspension shop or if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us directly at or via our telephone number 0228-760008. 

The KW Suspension product range:

KW Variant 1 - Coilover set


KW Variant 1 - The entry-level winner from KW

The popular KW Variant 1 is seen as an entry-level model, but the specifications do not lie. This topper from the 'stainless steel line' offers driving pleasure and an adjustable reduction at a good price. As we are used to from KW, the finish is of high quality through the use of stainless steel struts, corrosion-resistant springs and shock absorbers. Depending on your car, you can reduce between 30 mm and 70 mm or 50 mm and 90 mm. This reduction is possible separately for an optimal driving experience.


KW Variant 2 - Coilover set

KW Variant 2 - Class and comfort go hand in hand

This KW Variant 2 is intended for drivers who want to have control of the steering wheel literally and figuratively. As you would expect from KW, the components are of excellent quality. The special thing about this Variant 2, however, is that you can also set the outgoing suspension of the dampers as you wish. With no fewer than 16 precise clicks! The Variant 2 thus offers more comfort and stability than the competitors. In addition, KW products are always tested at the head office in Fichtenberg (Germany). As a result, you are always assured of products that meet high standards.

KW Variant 3 - Coilover set

KW Variant 3 - Sportiness and comfort in one

As you may already know, KW is also active in motor sport. It is therefore no surprise that they have transferred the experience and vision they have gained there into products for the ordinary consumer. You and I can now also enjoy sportiness in the KW Variant 3. This Variant 3 from the 'inox line' combines sportiness with comfort and, partly due to the high quality of the components, ensures a top product.

KW Street Comfort - Coilover set

KW Street Comfort - Comfortable on the road

In fact, the name needs no explanation. The KW Street Comfort focuses on providing comfort in daily life. This suspension kit is suitable for people who want a sporty car, but at the same time do not want to compromise on driving comfort during the daily trip to work. With a reduction between 10 mm and 40 mm you lower the center of gravity but you increase the road holding. The improved road holding is of course one of the biggest reasons for the increased comfort level.

KW DCC - Coilover set

KW DDC - Quality bundled with innovation

The DCC in KW DCC stands for Dynamic Damping Control. With KW DCC, the German manufacturer has an innovative piece of automotive technology. The screw set is part of the KW iSuspension suspension system. And the word 'Control' in DCC already betrays it a bit, because you can control the damper system yourself via your Apple smartphone or tablet. In addition to a superior coilover, KW also provides you with a bit of convenience and thus responds to the trend currently underway to make everything 'smart'. The most important thing, however, is that the KW has again succeeded in manufacturing a high-quality screw set.

KW DLC - Dynamic Level Control

KW DLC - Dynamic Level Control

Another innovative product from KW with which you can lower your car via an app. That is the KW DLC, which can lower your car to 50 mm. The app can be downloaded on your iPhone. Thanks to the intuitive installation of the KW DLC, you can enjoy a height-adjustable kit in a short time.

KW Coil Springs

KW coil springs

Springs are a vital part of the chassis of a car. The coil springs from KW are the ideal alternative to the standard springs that hang under your car. The most important advantages are the improved steering behavior and the responsiveness of your standard dampers. As we often see at KW, these springs are also height adjustable. This gives you the flexibility and possibility to adjust the reduction of your car to your own wishes. Add to that the fact that these springs also give your car a very cool look and the picture is complete.

KW Hydraulic Lift System

KW Hydraulic Lift System

Lowered cars naturally come with one disadvantage. If you encounter a high threshold or sidewalk, your car may have difficulty braving this obstacle. In response, KW Suspensions designed the KW HLS (Hydraulic Lift System). This lifting system allows your car to be lifted up to 45 mm with a simple push of a button. This system can be activated while driving and is lifted within 4 to 5 seconds. In this way you ensure that your car stays in good condition.

KW Sway bars

KW Sway bars

Stabilizer bars or sway bars may not be the most talked-about parts of your car. They nevertheless play an important role in your car. That is also the reason that KW has launched its own Sway bars. By using KW Sway bars you create more stability and better driving behavior. In addition, you have more grip in turns in all possible situations.


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