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Why do I have to replace the shock absorbers?

If the current shock absorbers need to be replaced, a KONI shock absorber is always an excellent choice. AMT has written an article why replacing shock absorbers is very important.
Whichever KONI shock absorber or KONI lowering set you choose, the specialists of KONI B.V., part of ITT, ensure that it will always be an improvement over the original shock absorber. For motorists who are looking for a shock absorber similar to the original, there is the well-known KONI special shock absorber, also known as KONI red or red. These dampers are also adjustable.

The uncompromising shock absorber from KONI

In addition, KONI FSD has also been added for the more recent models. The KONI FSD shock absorber has the ultimate in patented technology that makes it possible to create a sporty but also comfortable shock absorber.

The hardness adjustable sport shock absorber from KONI

KONI is known for the KONI sport shock absorber, also known as KONI yellow or KONI yellow. This shock absorber is adjustable in hardness. For most car models, the dampers can be adjusted in hardness using the supplied knobs. This makes it possible to adjust the KONI shock absorber in hardness after installation. If there is no knob, the shock absorber can be adjusted by means of the impression system.

Sporty value-for-money shock absorber KONI STR.T

KONI STR.T, the orange colored shock absorber, is also a sporty shock absorber. This is only not adjustable in hardness. This damper has an unprecedented price-quality ratio.

KONI Sportkit, KONI Str.t Kit & Coilover kit from KONI

The sporty KONI dampers are also offered with specially assembled lowering sets. The 1130 KONI sport kits or the 1120 KONI STR.T kits. These kits were previously equipped with KONI lowering springs. A few years ago, KONI entered into a partnership with the German H&R. The kits are therefore no longer supplied with the KONI springs but with the high-quality H&R lowering springs. If you want to be able to adjust the height yourself, there is the KONI Coilover kit that starts with the article number 1150-. This lowering set makes it possible to adjust the height and hardness yourself. In addition, the kit is chrome which ensures a long service life.

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The complete KONI assortment:

KONI Special Shock Absorber


KONI SPECIAL Shock Absorber

With the red KONI special shock absorber you always ensure an improved road and driving behavior when replacing the original shock absorbers. This shock absorber ensures better handling, an increase in comfort and an improved road holding. The KONI red shock absorber is also adjustable.


KONI Classic Shock Absorber

KONI CLASSIC Shock Absorber

The black KONI Shock Absorber, also known as KONI classic, provides a modern damping technique for your classic car or classic car. They are black in color and also recognizable by a "wing" logo. They are provided with a normal original damping setting. This damper is also adjustable (outgoing stroke).

KONI Sport Shock Absorber

KONI SPORT Shock Absorber

The KONI Sport Shock Absorber, also called KONI yellow, provides a sporty damping for your car. The use of this damper ensures excellent driving qualities with an acceptable comfort level. The sporty setting of the shock absorber gives the vehicle a more direct response to the steering wheel and also results in less tilt and tilt. The KONI Sport Shock Absorber is known for the hardness setting for certain types of cars, this is even possible from outside. It is possible to mount the yellow rabbits with lowering springs of approx. 40 mm.

KONI STR.T Shock Absorber

KONI STR.T Shock Absorber

The KONI Str.t (read Street) shock absorbers provide the performance that you can expect from KONI but at a very competitive price. The shock absorbers are not adjustable, but they are very accurately adjusted sportingly. For this reason you can enjoy the sporting and famous handling of KONI.

The Str.t has been developed to provide an ideal upgrade for the original standard shock absorbers and more confidence for the sporty driver. They are great to use in combination with lowering springs of approximately 40 mm.

KONI Heavy Track Shock Absorber


KONI has a range of shock absorbers available for 4WD vehicles. The Heavy Track is specially built for off-road conditions. A very robust construction and very high quality material is used. After mounting the Heavy Track shock absorbers you can enjoy improved handling, stability and better performance and increased safety. The lousy surfaces full of bumps and bumps are no problem for the Heavy Track shock absorbers. No matter how fierce it is going to give them excellent road contact and sufficient comfort. The perfect choice under all extreme conditions. These are available for most SUVs and coaches.

Characteristics of the Heavy Track Twin-tube technology is extra robust and strong construction. Use a double amount of oil. The shock absorbers are also adjustable for all circumstances.


KONI FSD Shock absorber kit

With the FSD shock absorber kit, KONI has launched a revolutionary product on the market. With this gold-painted shock absorber, there is no longer a compromise between comfort and sporty driving. The shock absorber adapts to the road conditions without electronics. The FSD kit always consists of a complete set of 4 shock absorbers. The shock absorber is ideal for cars that are equipped with a large size rim and thin tires, since it absorbs small vibrations very well.



The latest lowering kit from KONI consists of the orange Str.t Shock Absorbers with high-quality H&R springs. With this kit, optimum road holding is possible, making razor-sharp cornering possible. This lowering set is a response to car enthusiasts who are looking for an affordable but quality requirements.

H&R and KONI have joined forces and are therefore a strong combination. The experience that both parties have been implemented in this set. The kit therefore has the features of the KONI str.t damper that stand for perfect road and steering behavior and extremely fast reaction speed of the shock absorbers, so that the board can steer its car confidently and confidently. Depending on the car model, a reduction of approx. 40 mm can be achieved.

KONI Sport Kit


With the Sport kit in the range, KONI has succeeded in offering an ultimate lowering kit. The distinctive features are the hardness-adjustable sport shock absorbers. No other brand is able to match that with this price-quality ratio. With the KONI sport kit it offers the motorist perfect and precise steering behavior, which prevents unwanted movements of the car. With the perfectly tailor-made lowering springs from H&R that are committed to maintaining comfort, it is a perfect combination. The kit ensures that the car shows improved road handling that can lead to breathtakingly beautiful cornering. Not only the handling improved but also the looks of the car. A reduction of approx. 40 mm is possible depending on the vehicle.

By being able to fine tune the shock absorbers, every owner can convey their personal preference. In many cases this is possible from above with the known KONI rotary knob. From a hard race setting to a comfortable sporty setting is possible.

KONI Coilover Kit

KONI Coilover kit

The KONI Coilover kit is intended for the sporty motorist who wants to be able to determine the height himself. With this kit the car can be screwed to the desired height. In addition, the hardness setting can be determined by yourself. For most models with a button from above, so without removing the damper. A different setting in no time. Complete sets that consist of four KONI Sport shock absorbers with matching progressive lowering springs. The adjustability is 20-60 mm with most kits. With a chrome finish you not only have a beautiful product but also a long service life. A lot of quality for a good price!


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