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Will I lose comfort by using lowering springs?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our clients. Eibach's engineers have the goal of giving you the same level of comfort with lowering springs as when you'd use the original springs. It is very important that your car is equipped with shock absorbers that are in good condition.
The springs that are designed by Eibach are very progressive. This will ensure that the car feels very comfortable under normal circumstances. The springs will supply counter pressure when taking turns. This comes in handy with caravans or cars that are transporting heavy cargo. The springs will provide extra counter pressure to ensure an acceptable level of comfort.

What does -30 mean?

The overall lowering of Eibach is -30 (like the Eibach Pro Kit -30, for instance). This means that the car has been lowered for 30 millimeters on both the front- and backside of the car. With Sportline you'll usually lower for a few extra centimeters. For each car the lowering is different. This is mentioned at each set in the product overview in our shop. If your car is equipped with a sport chassis there is a chance that the actual lowering is less.

Can I use Eibach lowering springs on my original shock absorbers?

The Eibach Pro and Sportline have been designed in a way that they can be used on original shock absorbers without causing any problems. If you are open to having a sportier car we can advise you to mount these lowering springs with sport shock absorbers from KONI or BILSTEIN, for instance. A sport shock absorber will react quicker to uneven roads and will provide a more stable setting. This will result in less shaking and extra counter pressure when taking turns.

Bilstein & Eibach collaboration results in ultimate lowering kit!

The best of two worlds. Bilstein, who is the number 1 when it comes to shock absorbers, and Eibach, creator of the best springs, started working together. This results in the perfect formula of success; the Eibach B12 Pro Kit and the Eibach B12- Sportline. These popular kits usually contain Bilstein B8 shock absorbers in combination with Eibach lowering springs.

Eibach anti roll kit: The latest upgrade!

In case your car has already been enhanced with an Eibach lowering kit you can use the performance stabilizers to finish it all off. Using the performance stabilizers will reduce the body roll when taking turns. The spring comfort will remain unchanged. Using the Eibach stabilizer also has a very positive influence on both oversteer and understeer of your car.

Adjusting height with the Eibach Pro-Street S Coilover

If you would like to have the option to adjust the height of a lowering kit, then the Eibach coilover is an excellent choice. The set has been created from stainless steel metals.

Why use Eibach Spacers?

Eibach's wheel spacers make sure that the performance and looks are top notch. Eibach Pro-spacers are the perfect enhancement on your car's suspension. The body roll will be optimized and your car will look more sportive since the rims will make the wheel arch look bigger. Eibach spacers are created with the highest quality aluminium which contains a special coating. They will be produced with a minimal tolerance which will ensure a quick and easy mount.

Do you want to know which Eibach products are available for your car? You can easily find all products that are suitable for your car via the car finder in our Eibach Shop. If you cannot find a solution despite the well-arranged shop or if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@extreme-carstyling.nl or via our telephone number 0228-760008. 

The complete Eibach assortment:

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs


Eibach Pro kit lowering springs

With these Eibach lowering springs, they have succeeded in achieving maximum performance without sacrificing much on comfort. They are extensively tested for quality and safety. This set considerably shortens the braking distance. In addition, Eibach lowering springs meet the highest requirements and are TUV approved. For this reason, a GOCA certificate can be supplied free of charge for our Belgian customers and you will not be faced with any problems during the inspection.
The pro-kit springs are known for the progressive effect. These provide extra back pressure when needed. You can feel this from the handling due to the razor sharp turns and the faster response power that it gives the car! Not only the road holding also improves the optics of the vehicle for a better ratio. Wheel arches are better filled by using the 30 mm lowering springs.


Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs

Eibach Sportline lowering springs

The Red lowering springs called Eibach Sportline ensure maximum reduction to approx. 50 mm and therefore ensure the best achievable looks. Springs can be combined with the original shock absorbers or sport shock absorbers. For those who don't think 30 mm low enough, Eibach has the solution! The car really comes into its own and fits perfectly with a sporty and aggressive look!
With the progressive lowering springs, the sportline has found an excellent balance between extreme lowering with comfortable driving characteristics.

Eibach B12 Pro Kit

Eibach B12 Pro kit

Currently the most popular lowering set consisting of four Bilstein b8 Sprint shock absorbers in combination with eibach Pro-kit springs. With a subtle reduction of 30 mm in most cases, your car is very tight on the sporty shock absorbers. The springs have a comfortable character and the shock absorbers ensure sporty road holding. The best of both worlds has been achieved by these top brands in the field of suspension.
The springs of eibach and bilstein shock absorbers have been extensively tested by the engineers at bilstein & eibach. For this reason, they passed the test with all their might and provided with the highest quality requirements. Equipped with TUV approval as standard.
It is therefore no problem to provide our Belgian customers with the GOCA certificate! We will send these for free with the order.

Eibach B12 Sportline

Eibach B12 Sportline 

The bilstein B8 shock absorbers in combination with Eibach Sportline springs ensure super-tight handling. Especially for the car owners who want to lower as much as possible with a fixed set without sacrificing too much comfort. This set ensures an aggressive appearance and sporty handling. In most cases, an attempt is made to lower about 40 to 50 mm.
Red springs and yellow bilstein shock absorbers ensure this performance! The products are provided with the TUV certificate and for Belgian customers the GOCA certificate is included free of charge! Watch the video to see for yourself what a wonderful product it is!

Eibach Pro-Street S

Eibach Pro-Street S

With this Eibach Coilover kit a reduction is possible from 20mm to 70mm depending on the vehicle what is stated in our eibach shop. This set feels comfortable to sporty in the "normal area". However, if you go to or across the border, it will feel a bit harder. The pro-street S therefore offers you the best sporty chassis without losing much comfort. You can determine the height yourself with this set, making it adjustable to your own taste.
This lowering set is completely stainless steel which works very favorably for the life span. Eibach only uses polyamide spring dishes, this also prevents corrosion.
The coilover is also TUV certified. For this reason we can deliver the Goca certificate for our Belgian customers as standard and FREE!

Eibach Pro Spacer

Eibach Pro Spacer

With the Eibach track wideners or wheel spacers you broaden the track width, resulting in better handling and looks of the car. The material they are made of is high-quality aluminum that has been finished with a special coating which has a corrosion-resistant effect. With the Eibach Pro spacers you buy quality that you can notice with minimal tolerances and a perfect fit. This ensures that the balancing of your vehicle remains excellent. The track wideners from Eibach can be perfectly combined with the Eibach Pro kit or Sportline. By mounting, the entire car beats by the sportier look. In this way the wheel arches will be filled really well. There are various systems available that vary from 5 to 30 mm.

Eibach Anti-Roll Kit

Eibach Anti-Roll Kit

The anti-roll kit from Eibach ensures better handling of the vehicle. The body roll is reduced in the curves. The spring comfort remains at the same current level. In addition, these performance stabilizers reduce the load between the curves of the inside and outside of the wheel. It has a positive influence on the over and under steering tendencies of your car.
The anti-roll kit ensures the final upgrade of the chassis, an absolute must in combination with a B12 Pro kit or Sportline chassis. This ensures excellent handling of your vehicle. It is made from a high-quality metal that is also used in the aviation industry. The finish is with a high-quality coating with the color Red.


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