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Bilstein is not just a shock absorber brand

Bilstein was founded in 1873, which proves that quality always remains. Many cars are automatically installed with Bilstein shock absorbers. Bilstein suspension has an extensive assortment, from the standard chassis spring in the shape of Bilstein springs to a sportive shock absorber, or even a Bilstein coilover to bring your vehicle even lower to the ground.

Bilstein B4 Shock Absorbers are an excellent choice when replacing!

The Bilstein B4 gas shock absorber makes the perfect substitute shock absorber. Because of the high pressure, gas filled mono-tube shock absorber this will result in better driving conditions. If you're considering to replace your original shock absorbers these will always be a good choice. Non-stop control under all circumstances, real OEM quality.

You can feel the performance and quality!

The Bilstein B6 Sport is a sportive, yellow shock absorber. It is especially interesting for those drivers that prefer a sportive handling on the road. The Bilstein B6 results in a more direct control when steering and reduces shaking and leaning when taking turns. An important part of the B6 Sport is the big connecting rod that's mostly used with front absorbers. For some car types there's the B6 Adjustable 10 that can be adjusted to 10 different settings.

Why would you mount shortened Bilstein absorbers?

If you're looking for sportive driving and using lowering springs to improve the looks of your car, then the shortened Bilstein B8 Sprint is the solution. The spring will be tightly connected to the spring plate, even when lowered beyond 3 centimeters. Most Sportline and Bilstein B12 Pro-Kits use this shock absorber.

How low can you go?

Those clients who are looking for extra possibilities when it comes to lowering might be interested in the Bilstein coilovers. Bilstein B14 is a coilover that has an adjustable height between 20 and 50 millimeters, depending on the vehicle. A set has been used on the Volkswagen Transporter T5 that resulted in a lowering of 70 millimeters! Bilstein B16 pss9 is a coilover that is adjustable in height and hardness (to 9 different settings). The Bilstein B16 PSS10 coilover is also available.

Bilstein, a brand that doesn't stand still

Bilstein has existed for quite some time, but that doesn't mean they're old fashioned. The Bilstein B16 is proof of that. Take a look at the Bilstein B16 ride control where you can adjust the hardness with your Iphone. Is that modern or not?

Do you want to know which Bilstein products are available for your car? You can easily find all products that are suitable for your car via the car finder in our Bilstein Shop. If you cannot find a solution despite the well-arranged shop or if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us directly at or via our telephone number 0228-760008. 


The complete Bilstein assortment:

Bilstein B1 Service Parts


Bilstein B1 Service parts

You are not there yet with only Bilstein shock absorbers! This is because it is important to also take care of the parts that surround it, such as bump stops and dust covers and spring strut bearings. That is why Bilstein has introduced the B1 Service parts, which can be perfectly combined with Bilstein shock absorbers. With the high quality that you can expect from Bilstein. This way your car stays in optimum condition.


Bilstein B2 Oil Pressure Shock Absorbers

Bilstein B2 Oil Pressure Shock Absorber

These oil pressure dampers from Bilstein are intended to replace the original dampers and offer good quality at a low price. They are, as the name suggests, driven by oil. The dampers are professionally tested and Bilstein guarantees OEM quality. A cost-effective alternative with high quality, while the technology transfer remains the same as the original assembly.

Bilstein B3 Replacement Springs

Bilstein B3 Replacement Springs

This spring offers the same high quality that we are used to from other Bilstein products. Due to the use of good materials, such as high-quality chrome vanadium, this type of spring is virtually unbreakable. Bilstein's springs are often used in motor sport, so they can take a beating. Of course you can also enjoy genuine OEM quality with the B3. To make it complete, Bilstein also guarantees a long service life.

Bilstein B4 Gas Shock Absorber

Bilstein B4 Gas Shock Absorber

The Bilstein B4 is perhaps Bilstein's showpiece. These gas pressure shock absorbers have been used for over 50 years and offer protection for every car - under whatever circumstances. The B4 ensures constant damping under any load. This is thanks to the gas pressure system, developed by Bilstein and proven for years as the best system for shock absorbers. With this technique the damper is constantly under pressure. This way the damper can defend itself well and adapt to the way the driver drives. Or as Bilstein says: "You drive as if it is the first time"!

Bilstein B6 Sport Shock Absorber

Bilstein B6 Sport Shock Absorber

What? More damping power. How? Without compromises. How?
By using the Bilstein B6 of course! This is the ideal sports shock absorber for the discerning driver. The Bilstein B6 has a long service life and performs under difficult conditions. As we are used to from Bilstein, this shock absorber also uses the so-called gas pressure shock absorber technology. That is quite a mouthful, but for you it simply means a huge advance in the way your car drives. The handling becomes better, you drive more easily and even with a heavy load. Are you looking for a shock absorber that actually performs? Then you have just found it.

Bilstein B8 Sprint Shock Absorber

Bilstein B8 Sprint Shock Absorber

The B8 series from Bilstein is aimed at the sporty types. This damper is intended for cars with lowering springs or standard sports suspension. If you are afraid of sacrificing comfort, we can reassure you. This shock absorber has a very high comfort level. The perfect shock absorbers make you feel like a king behind the wheel. Not for nothing will you experience an extra sense of control through the shock absorbers. The improved road holding and Bilstein's gas pressure technology complete the picture.

Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit

Bilstein B12 Pro Kit

This B12 kit from Bilstein brings the best of both worlds together. Not only do you get shock absorbers from Bilstein, but also the highly valued lowering springs from Eibach. All this creates a sporty driving experience with a reduction of around 30 mm. Because of this reduction, the center of gravity of the car will be lower and you will notice that the car is better on the road. Add to this the high-quality shock absorbers with gas pressure technology from Bilstein and you won't want to go back!

Bisltein B12 Sportline

Bilstein B12 Sportline

Similar to its brother, the B12 Pro Kit, but slightly different. This series also benefits from the two toppers, Bilstein and Eibach. With this kit you get Sportline springs from Eibach, which can be lowered to 50 mm. Bilstein also supplies its famous gas pressure shock absorbers. This kit goes one step further in terms of sportiness compared to the B12 Pro Kit. As expected, these products were also thoroughly tested by both manufacturers before they were put on the market. You can therefore confidently trust these two toppers.

Bilstein B14 Coilover Kit

Bilstein B14 Coilover Kit

The Bilstein B14 Coilover Kit was actually developed for motorsport, but now you can also use it. You will not find it much sportier. The B14 uses high-quality sports springs and the well-known gas pressure technology from Bilstein. With this Coilover Kit a maximum reduction of approximately 30-50 mm is possible, both at the front and at the back. As far as we are concerned, the absolute topper if you want to convert your car into a sporty animal.

Bilstein B16 Coilover Kit

Bilstein B16 Coilover Kit

You don't have to choose. Sometimes you can just have both. That is namely the B16 Coilover Kit. This kit combines the sporty aspect of the B14 coilover, but also adds that you have the option of adjusting the dampers in 9 or 10 different ways. This means that you can vary: from extremely sporty to comfortably comfortable. For this, the Bilstein B16 uses high-quality sports springs and the best shock absorbers in this area.

Bilstein B16 Ride Control Coilover Kit

Bilstein B16 Ride Control Coilover Kit

This version of the Bilstein B16 offers you a comfortable way to adjust your chassis while driving. This way you can switch between 'Comfort' or 'Sport' depending on your wishes, depending on the road. As a result, you can always count on perfect dynamics and handling. In principle, this version has the same properties as the B16 Coilover Kit, so also with a reduction of approximately 30 to 50 mm, good springs and shock absorbers with gas pressure technology. During tests carried out by Bilstein, everything is adjusted individually, so that you are assured of a perfect chassis for your car.

Bilstein Motorsport

Bilstein Motorsport

If you are familiar with Bilstein, you must have noticed how sportsmanship and sport are intertwined with Bilstein's shock absorbers. It is therefore not surprising that Bilstein has been active in motor sport for more than fifty years. To bundle their knowledge they have set up a platform; Bilstein MDS, which includes the modular damping systems MDS-1 and MDS-2. Both systems are easy to use and adapt easily while driving. This is the ideal damper for the demanding motorsport fan.


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